Tracks of music CD ‘Schauen Sie mich an Herr Direckter‘ based on texts by Hanspeter Ilg.

Instant composed music: Jeanine Osborne - voice,  Martin Kunz - piano, Andrzej Kowalski - violin. 

Track 14                                                 2m:42s

‘Die Wehgwarte‘ from ‘Schauen Sie mich an Herr Direckter’

Track 6    ‘When I fly‘                            4m:54s

from CD published by literature magazine ‘die

Affenschaukel’  No. 18 in 1996, for The Diary of the Wetzikoner Hausfrau‘ with Jeanine Osborne’s drawings, texts, poems, and instant composed music: voice - Jeanine Osborne,

Martin Kunz - piano            

from Track 3                                         4m:56s

from ‘Ducks & Swans’ instant composed songs with music at the piano by Jeanine Osborne, in the Church of St Andrews, Zürich Aug/Sept 1994.

Music CD with 11 tracks      Total time: 67m:10s.

Track 8                                                 2m:06s

‘Der Glaun mit seinem Papagei‘  from

‘Schauen Sie mich an Herr Direckter’

Excerpt from                                                                                                    1m:28s

‘Walls of Paradise - ‘Requiem’- text, video, voice (instant composition) - Jeanine Osborne, music - John Anthony Lennon, cello - Matthias Schranz

Recorded live by DRS2 at Murten Classics Festival                                              

‘The Resurrection of the Ford Capri‘    2m:11s                         

Instant composition for multi-media installation, 1993

Track 1 -  voice - Jeanine Osborne   

                violin - Andrzej Kowalski

Music CD recording - Staff Records, Frauenfeld

Timebird‘ extract from self-composed music for           0m:35s

multi-media installation created at Sommeratelier 1992,

Shed im Eisenwerk Frauenfeld,

multi-layered CD recording  by Staff Records

Extract from contemporary opera ‘Senseless’  7 September 1983 at  ICA                    2m:23s

(International Contemporary Arts) London & on tour through UK. Production of Lumiere & Son Theatre Co  Direction - Hilary Westlake, Libretto - David Gale, Composer - Frank Milward, Designer - Peter Whiteman,  Jeanine Osborne - Queen Elizabeth I, Heather Keens - Romaine with Trevor Stuart, Simon Hayes, David Bartlett, Geoffrey Thomson

                                                                                                                           video courtesy ICA