‘VICTORY’ - short  film premiere Berlin, D. of Jeanine Osborne’s cross media work at G.A.S-station, examining ambiguity of conquest and defeat, music by Giorgio Tedde, Bern, screening, June 27 - 29,  Internationale Videotage 2014



“Olive Trees & Virgen del Mar” from “Walls of Paradise”, Text Jeanine Osborne, music Maria Porten, as part of DARK MATTER” series of concerts by Duo UMS ‘ n JIP at  Zeughaus Kultur Brig-Glis 9.9.2018. Ono Bern 10.9.2018, Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich, 11.9.2018, Mitte Basel, Safe 12.9.2018

Book ‘Die Stille Erotik der Melancholie’ by Martin Kunz with 27 drawings created for the book by Jeanine Osborne 2018 published by Bucher Verlag, Austria.


‘ART +ACT’  Performance on 7.04.2018 in Kultur Kirche, Erlenbach, ZH, in collaboration with  pastor Andreas Cabalzar, music Alex Wilson, text, voice, visuals Jeanine Osborne.

‘Heil God!’  a literary critic by Stefan Schmitzer, Austrian poet and writer, published in FIXPOETRY, Hamburg,  6 February 2017, reviewing  ‘VICTORY’ - A Quartet‘ by Jeanine Osborne.

‘WAS NICHT EINS IST, IST AUCH EINS’, Ein philosophisches Abendgespräch mit Markus Huber und andere Dialoge’  by Martn Kunz, with drawings by Jeanine Osborne. Published  Ropress July 2016.

‘Manifesta 11’  Jeanine Osborne invited  artist performs ‘T(w) o Face or not to Face‘, instant poems, composition, singing & ’poetry sale‘ in interaction with the   public, 1. 07.16

Book published by Manifesta 11,  in 2018

Jeanine Osborne participating artist, ‘of Colour’ exhibition, Helmhaus Zürich, opens 14.02.19

18:00h, performance with Martin Kunz, 01.03.19 at 19:00h.