‘P.S.’ Exhibition - Galerie Sylva Denzler

1 March 2014 thru 26 April 2014. A new series of split-doubles in enamel with mixed media, on glossy photo paper and canvas, also featured, a series of associated poems and six performance videos, all with the artist’s  recorded voice.  



G.A.S-station, Berlin, Germany - Premiere of Jeanine Osborne’s cross media short film ‘Victory’, examining ambiguity of conquest and defeat, with music of Giorgio Tedde, Bern, screening, June 27 - 29,  at Internationale Videotage 2014 

World Premiere: ‘Songs from the Singing Wall’ - five poems by Jeanine Osborne composed by John Anthony Lennon, Elevate Ensemble, under Chad Goodman, director  with Amy Foote, soprano, Presidio Performing Arts Center, San Fransisco, CA , USA, Saturday, 25 April 2015 at 8 pm

‘VICTORY’ - a Quartet‘ by Jeanine Osborne with four works of lyrical prose in English & German, translation - Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck, afterword - Prof. Peter Blickle

published, March 2015 in the series “Die Reihe” 

Wofbach Verlag, Zürich, Basel, Rossdorf.

‘ZEIT - ZEICHNEN  Exhibition 5 March -16 April 2016.

Vincenzo Baviera und Jeanine Osborne -

Galerie Sylva Denzler, Zürich  Gespräch mit Jeanine Osborne und Vincenzo Baviera.






Jeanine Osborne, invited artist, performs ‘T(w)o Face or not to Face’ with instant poems, composition, singing & ‘poetry sale’ in inter-reaction with the public, 1st July 2016.

Book by Martin Kunz - includes series of 9 drawings created for the book by Jeanine Osborne ‘WAS NICHT EINS IST, IST AUCH EINS‘  Ein philosophisches Abendgespräch mit Markus Huber und andere Dialoge‘ Published July 2016


‘Heil God!’  a literary critic by Stefan Schmitzer, Austrian poet and writer, published in FIXPOETRY, Hamburg,  6 February 2017, reviewing  ‘VICTORY’ - A Quartet‘ by Jeanine Osborne. www.fixpoetry.com


‘WORDS TO A’ Performance on 7.04.2018 in Kultur Kirche, Erlenbach, ZH as part of the series ‘ART + ACT’

in collaboration with pastor Andreas Cabalzar, music Alex Wilson, text , voice,  viuals, Jeanine Osborne.

Book Presenations: Wolbach Verlag REIHE-Abend, at Hotel du Theatre, Central, Zürich Thursday, 9 April 2015 at 18:00


“Olive Trees & Virgen del Mar” from “Walls of Paradise”, Text Jeanine Osborne, music Maria Porten, as part of DARK MATTER” series of new music concerts at  Zeughaus Kultur Brig-Glis 9.9.2018. Ono Bern 10.9.2018, Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich, 11.9.2018, Unternehmen Mitte Basel, Safe 12.9.2018