Kassel, Germany - Premiere of Jeanine Osborne’s cross media work ‘Fragment Requiem’ comprising text, perfromance and instant composition for voice, at invitation of Wolfgang Luh, creator of the installation ‘Requiem für eine Verlorene Stadt’ with televised opening, interviews and entire ‘Fragwmihent Requiem’  viewable on www.artort.tv   The work includes on location song recordings by Woflgang Luh, to accompany Jeanine Osborne’s dream fragments.

‘Moderne Poesie in der Schweiz’ an anthology of Swiss modern poetry by Roger Perret, Limmat Verlag ISBN 978-3-85791-726-4 includes previously unpublished poems from “Singing Wall” by Jeanine Osborne, written in Canada 1998 at the Centre d’Exposition Baie St Paul in Quebec. The new anthology includes amongst others, Robert Walser, Paul Klee, as well as her contemporaries: (selection) Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck, Ingrid Fichtner, Svenja Herrmann.  www.limmatverlag.ch

limmat verlag

‘P.S.’ Exhibition lasts thru 26 April 2014.

‘P.S.’ Exhibition - Galerie Sylva Denzler, Gemeindestr 4, Zürich 7 Vernissage: 1 March 2014, 16:00 - 18:30.  A new series of split-doubles (see right) will be shown in enamel with mixed media, on glossy photo paper - also featured, a series of associated poems and six performance videos, all with the artist’s  recorded voice.

Kontext: Prof. Sibylle Omlin, ECAV Director will lead a discussion on 15 March 2014 from 16:00 to 18:00. 

Opening hours: Wed - Fri 14:00 to 18:30, Sat 14:00 - 17:00. 

P.S.  Unabridged title  - ‘Pussy Song’     


G.A.S-station, Berlin, Germany - Premiere of Jeanine Osborne’s cross media short film ‘Victory’, examining ambiguity of conquest and defeat, with music of Giorgio Tedde, Bern, one of 15  films chosen from an international submission for screening, June 27 - 29,  at Internationale Videotage 2014 with vernissage and artist discussions.

World Premiere: ‘Songs from the Singing Wall’ - five poems by Jeanine Osborne composed by John Anthony Lennon, Elevate Ensemble, under Chad Goodman, director  with Amy Foote, soprano, Presidio Performing Arts Center, San Fransisco, CA , USA, Saturday, 25 April 2015 at 8 pm

‘VICTORY’ - a Quartet‘ by Jeanine Osborne with four works of lyrical prose in English & German, 1translation - Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck, afterword - Prof. Peter Blickle

published, March 2015 in the series “Die Reihe” 

Wofbach Verlag, Zürich, Basel, Rossdorf.

Book Presenations: Wolbach Verlag REIHE-Abend, at Hotel du Theatre, Central, Zürich Thursday, 9 April 2015 at 18:00


‘ZEIT - ZEICHNEN  Exhibition 5 March -16 April 2016.

Vincenzo Baviera und Jeanine Osborne -

Galerie Sylva Denzler, Zürich  Kontext Mitwoch, 16 März 2016, 19 Uhr  Martin Kunz, Philosoph Psychologe und Musiker im Gespräch mit Jeanine Osborne und Vincenzo Baviera.






Jeanine Osborne, invited artist, performs ‘T(w)o Face or not to Face’ with instant poems, composition, singing & ‘poetry sale’ in inter-reaction with the public, 1st July 2016.

Book by Martin Kunz titled -



Ein philosophisches Abendgespräch

mit Markus Huber und andere Dialoge’

Published July 2016 Martin Kunz and Markus Huber

kunstundphilosophie.ch.  Includes series of 9 drawings created for the book by Jeanine Osborne

‘Heil God!’  a literary critic by Stefan Schmitzer, Austrian poet and writer, published in FIXPOETRY, Hamburg,  6 February 2017, reviewing  ‘VICTORY’ - A Quartet‘ by Jeanine Osborne.

To read the review go to www.fixpoetry.com